Sunday, July 5, 2009

Another Day....

OK so I have been really stressed out lately and have not been updating as I should. I am in search of a new 'job' or project I should say. I won't go into detail but there are things goingon with the company I was with that just don't quite add up... sad really as it not only affects them but all the employees/contractors and their families as well but the owers don't really seem to care. Oh well...

So anyway, I had a long weekend.. for the most part it was good. My nephew turned 1 on Friday :). I wish I could spend more time with my neice Abby and Nephew Will, but right now not many in the family can do that. Thanks Sis.. for screwing it up for not only yourself as a mom but for us as family. So I guess I am a little crabby lately. Sorry, it's the stress I am sure.

I think what I really need is a closer relationship with God. I had it once but over the years I have strayed and I know that is my own fault. I can say I have been busy but it's no excuse. Maybe that is my problem. The devil is testing me because I have drifted into the 'unknown' so to speak.

I have so many ideas and thoughts but can never seem to bring them out into fruition. I always get sidetracked or I am also known to procrastinate I am told. It is time for me to pull myself up by my bootstraps and get busy with what needs to be done.

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