Sunday, November 3, 2013

White Chili Recipe

White Chili


1 rotisserie chicken- deboned

2 cans  Great Northern Beans

32 oz Chicken Broth

1 8oz pkg of Mexican mix shredded cheese

1 can White Corn- drained

1- 16 oz jar of CHUNKY salsa

2 tsp ground cumin


Place all ingredients in crock pot or slow cooker and let cook for about an hour or until beans are tender. 

Notes: This is the recipe that I used and how I cooked it. This can also be done with chicken breast or chicken that you cook yourself. I just chose to use a cooked rotisserie chicken because it was quicker. Next time I may make a few changes myself, if so I will update but for now this is what I did and it was amazing, there was not one bite left.