Sunday, March 15, 2009

Smoking... or lack of...

Yes, I also stopped smoking.... well.. for about 24 hrs. so far. And I wake up this morning and my hip is KILLING me. Must of slept wrong. You know how you sometimes wake up and your neck hurts? Well, it's like that but it's my hip. This really sucks. On top of it all its RAINING!!! AHHH...


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ok So Sue me..

Yes I know that I skipped yesterday. That's because there was not much to say. I did not do the workout yesterday morning. I was being lazy... yes I know that won't help me in any way.

What I ate yesterday: About 10 chips, a pork chop and hmm.. I think that was about it. Was not feeling very good and did not have much time because I was working. Mother nature sucks sometimes. :(

Hopefully today and tomorrow will be better. Stay tuned!! :)


Thursday, March 12, 2009

I Have Decided

Yes, I know I probably have said that before, but this time I am serious. So, here's the plan. I am starting this blog to track progress and be a journal of sorts. I will track what I eat each day as well as, blog about my morning workout. This is going to be a very long, hard road ahead of me. After 7 years of sitting at a desk for 6-10 hours each day, any type of movement other than standing up and sitting down is going to be rough!!

Ok, so I figured better late than never right? We all make those New Year's resolutions, and very few of us keep them. Well.... I am a couple of months late.. but I think I am motivated more so than I was in January. I went for a walk at the park today with my children and to see them so happy and full of energy was amazing. I was also surprised how motivated I felt to want to give this a shot, finally. I have been procrastinating and I have decided NO MORE!!!

I will update this blog EVERY day with workouts I did for the day and my food intake. Hopefully having to be held accountable will help motivate me even more to pay attention to what I eat. So here goes nothin' anyone else want to join me?

OK so what did I do today? Well, as I said above, we went for a walk at the park. I also took my dog Sadie, which is more work that it seems. I probably walked for a good 20 minutes and the other 20 minutes I was running behind her :)

What did I eat today? Hmm.. let's see, I did not eat anything for breakfast- I know... bad idea. I ate half of a sandwich that was left over from Subway the day before. Subway is supposed to be healthy right? Then I had a hotdog and some chips for dinner. I ate a piece of white chocolate afterwards. Yes I know... that was not healthy, but I did it anyway. OH!! I cooked brussell sprouts for tomorrow :) That's good right? Ha!

Ok so tomorrow I need to get up and have a decent breakfast to get my metabolism moving and then do my 30 minute workout with Denise Austin- I picked her because I have done her workouts before and she totally kicks my butt every time.

It's late... so I should probably go. Will be back tomorrow to update!!!

Heather :)