Thursday, July 23, 2009

30 Days 30 Posts #2: Toddlers & Tiaras

Ok so I am sitting here watching T.V. while I work on some freelance articles for AC. I have never watched this show but I though it would be interesting to watch since my daughter likes to do pageants from time to time. Boy was I wrong...

Now before I get flamed for bashing pageant kids or their moms: I AM A MOM OF A 10 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER WHO LIKES PAGEANTS: with that said what the hell is wrong with SOME of these moms???? I mean seriously? One mom has 5 daughters who do pageants, ok no problem. Not only does she have 5 daughters but the oldest two are actually twins. Now, still no problem with that. The problem I have with it is that this lady is on NATIONAL T.V. saying that one of these twins is prettier than the other and that's why she wins more.

Ok so maybe I am overracting but come on!!! I could never in a million years say that ever about any of my children. Especially on national T.V. Now mind you not only does she say this but the daughter actually says she does not like competeing against her sister. Am I the only one who sees something wrong with this picture? I mean really? Am I on a soapbox?? Please someone tell me I am not insane.

Ok so not only does the MOM say these things but while they are getting ready for the pageant the 'prettier' one says that her sister was bad when she was on stage. Then the mom actually says were you just talking bad about your sister. OMG!! Sorry for the abbreviations but the MOM just said earlier in the show how bad she was and that the other one was prettier and better in pageants and then she is going to scold the child for saying this about her sister? Seriously???

Well I guess I can watch to find out what NOT to do if my daughter WANTS to enter a pageant. Or maybe I should just change the channel and not watch anymore?

EDIT AFTER THE SHOW WAS OVER: So, I am just laughing out loud at the mom was fussing about. Turns out the so called 'pretty' one threw a fit before the talent competition and Dad removed her from the pageant. Mom was very down on the other twin left in the pageant saying she did not think she would win and they should just leave and guess what? THE OTHER TWIN WON THE GRAND TITLE of the ENTIRE pageant, eat your words Mom... Looks like she is the prettier one afterall. Hahahaha

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  1. I love that show! I must have missed it though...dang! I can't believe some of those moms on there...and some moms when we're backstage or getting ready....maybe that's why we don't do very many pageants lol.