Monday, January 25, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

I have skipped a few weeks of menu's but here is the Menu I have for this coming week Jan. 25th- Jan 29th:

Monday: Taco Bake

Tuesday: Fried Chicken

Wednesday: Hamburger Helper (yes I know this is cheating)

Thursday: BarBQue Ribs

Friday: Kid's Choice : )

So that is the plan for now. I will be in the office on Monday and Thursday so the plan may change but the meals will stand just may be on a different day. But as of right now that is the idea.

What are your menu's for the week? Leave a comment, I can always use ideas. :)

Cake Bites

I was telling the girl at my new job about the cake pops/bites and she had never heard of them. I decided to make some to take with me tomorrow : ). Maybe I can get this to go somewhere...... here are some pics of the ones I did this time.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday Tidbits

It's been a busy few days around here so I wanted to give a few tidbits for Tuesday's post.

Truck Update: I got it back- it is fixed and seems to be perfect again... though I have some sources I am researching for getting my money back for the repair as I, along with hundreds of others, believe that this should have been a recall by Ford. Nevertheless, I have the truck back and it's fine.

The Bachelor: OK so I watch this show.... I have no idea why really as I am almost positive that it's all staged in some way or another, but I watch and here are my two cents if anyone cares : ).

Jake is a great guy, but he has serious issues with seeing the light. Tonight's episode was crazy to say the least. Drama fest anyone? After last weeks episode I read Reality Steve's blog and he stated that on tonight's episode after the Sea World date that girl would not receive a rose.... well she did... so now instead of just reading his blog I guess I have to watch for fast-forward of course as I DVR'ed it so I could skip the drama parts. In my opinion, not that I honestly care one way or another, the only sane girls there are Tenley and the girl from tonights Sea World date.

If he does in fact do as Reality Steve predicts and chooses Vienna he is definitely hiding it well. Vienna just seems to be so out of the loop and all about herself, which makes sense given she wants to win the guy of course.

OK off my soap box now. Sorry for the rambling about The Bachelor but I just finished watching it so I had to get that out of my head.

I have more posts coming: recipes, kid stuff, my crazy cat (you will see why I say she is crazy soon) and other random musings. Stay Tuned and share with your friends : )

Oh one more Tuesday Tidbit, I have FINALLY gotten a hold on my laundry thanks to FlyLady's babysteps and hope it stays this way!! My house has not been a huge mess but with 3 kids it can get a little upside down at times and FlyLady's tips and email's and support group seem to make it a lot smoother that is for sure!!

What are your thoughts on the laundry process and making it go smoother? Do you have your kids help with their own laundry? Leave me a comment and tell me what you think, I would love to see if I am on the right track!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Potato Soup Recipe

My Aunt was at my house recently and she was raving about a Potato Soup recipe that she had made. Now, I have never had Potato Soup, much less made my own but she was raving about it to the point that I had her give me the recipe so I could try it for myself.

It sort of made me think of a Loaded Baked Potato but in a soup instead. Sound great right? I can not even tell you just how great it was!! I will definitely be making this one more often. Hope you enjoy!!


5 lbs- Potatoes

1 cup- French Onion Dip (in section by the milk at the store- or you can use the kind in the chip isle- either one is fine)

2 cans- Cream of Chicken Soup

1 cup- Milk

Bacon Bits and Cheese for toppings


Peel and boil potatoes as if cooking potato salad or mashed potatoes.

When potatoes are done (cooked to done but not mushy or overcooked) drain *most* of the water off the potatoes leaving about 2 cups of water in the pot.

Add cream of chicken soups, milk, onion dip and salt and/or pepper to your liking.

Let this simmer for about 30 minutes. If it does not seem to be 'soupy' enough for you then add more milk just be careful not to add too much, and remember to stir often.

Once this is done you can serve in bowls and top with bacon bits and cheese.

Let me know below with a comment if you try the recipe or if you have other ideas for additions to it, I love trying new things!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Couple Of Updates

So my truck is now being repaired. Should have it back by Friday. I did not know about this flaw prior to my own problem with this truck.

Come to find out there is one flaw with the Ford Expedition that noone told me about and that is with something called a GEM Module and it failing due to a water LEAK!!!!! Why Ford has not done a recall on this is beyond me. I have done much research on electrical problems with Ford Expedition and I could name them here but won't.... just go research it if you have an Expedition.... it's interesting.

With that said.. there should be no further problems after this repair is done. At least I hope not.

Tomorrow I will update with some new recipes and hopefully some photos of random things over the last few weeks. I just had to share the whole truck thing though I know it is really irrelevant I just want you to know that whatever you are going through is tough and we understand but the person you are looking at / reading about/ passing in the store probably has an issue they are dealing with that is just as stressful in their own eyes. So keep your chin up and your head high because it WILL get better. It has to right?

: ) Heather

Sunday, January 10, 2010

2010 Has Started With A Bang

That is one thing I know for sure!

It has been a long week for me and to make it short and sweet I believe that my truck became possesed by the Devil during the BCS National Championship Game on Thursday last week.

So I go out during half time to make a quick run to the store and my truck has taken it upon itself to turn on all of the interior lights with no key in the ignition. Yea... I was in shock myself!

Battery was completely dead yet lights on all over the place. It is going to be put in vehicle hospital to be repaired.... they should make 'health' insurance for vehicles so that when we have to get them repaired we can just pay a copay. That would be great! Instead it will cost me upwards of 800 bucks. But hey it has to be done right?

So on a lighter note work is going well and I am finally seeing what it is that I should be doing with my blog. hence the new name and change of everything. 2010 is going to be great I just know it even after this bad week it WILL get better!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The New Look and Name

Let me explain: I have had a really long year and it seems that 2010 has started off with a bang as well. I decided that I wanted a whole new look and feel for my blog and this design is what I chose to use. I like that it's so nice a neat.

The new name: When i started blogging a while back I really did not know what I wanted to name my blog therefore I just used Heather's Happenings to get started. I am a mommy who drinks so much coffee that I started thinking a few months back that my blog name should have been Coffee Break Mom seeing how I take so many coffee breaks through out my day. So now it has been born. I like the new look and sound of it all and I imported everything from Heather's Happenings to this blog instead. I hope to move further in depth with my blogging and meet new people and do many more exciting things this year with my blog.

Happy New Year!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

Ok so the last few weeks I have been crazy busy with 5 kids around the fun never stops!! We have been driving all over the state and into bordering states and shuffling kids from here to there and then Christmas Day and all that jazz. Whew I am one tired Mommy that's for sure!

Last year was not the greatest but I know it was still great as there are many others that are in more dire situations than myself. But I do hope that 2010 will be fantastic!!! Below are a few things on my agenda and now that things are semi back to normal maybe I can keep this blog updated as I had originally planned to do.

Back a few months ago I started trying to lose some weight and was unsuccessful thus far. Now with that said I have not lost a pound yet people see me and say oh you look like you have lost weight... how is that possible??? Did the weight maybe shift around or something because I am just not seeing it at all.

Kids are all back home and everything is back to 'normal' with the arguing fussing they do. Coffee is a big one on my agenda for today. I am gonna need it to stay sane and awake.

I also recieved a great product from my Aunt last week. It was a present that was given to her and she said that she could not stick with something like that so she asked if I wanted it. It's the Herbalife diet products. There are lots of pills and some shake mix. I have never heard of it so I am doing my research but I think this just might jumpstart my losing weight afterall. I am sure hoping that is the case. I seriously want to be able to wear the clothes that are just hanging in my closet being neglected.

So that's all for this moment but look for lots of posts to come!! : )