Wednesday, September 15, 2010


It's been quite a few days here. My stepdaughters are going through dealing with the loss of a friend (Austin Krosp) who died tragically in a car wreck yesterday. It really takes me back to my own Junior year of high school when my peers and I also lost a friend whom we have been remembering as of late, rest in peace Matt Foreman you are forever missed.

My heart really goes out to them in so many ways. This is not the first friend they have lost which is even more tragic. They had a friend drown in a lake a few months back. And another friend who also died in a car wreck.

Though the loss of my friend was unexpected (not a car wreck) it was in a different manner than they are having to cope with as the loss they are dealing with could have been prevented if only he had worn a seatbelt. It is so important that we continue to pound this into our children about driving safety.

Please keep my girls in your prayers and the families of the victims of this tragic accident.


  1. Thinking of your girls and their friends during this tough time. We all know first hand just how hard it can be. I remembering walking in to school the Monday after Matt died and just how SAD it was. I remember that so many of us kept sneaking glances over to his desk in each class hoping that he'd show up at some point. Prayers for your girls and the young man's family.

  2. Thanks so much Christy. I too remember that Monday all to well. I can still remember the call from Tina and thought it was a cruel joke. You know even now it seems like Matt should still be here with us, in a way I guess he is because we all remember him everyday : ). Thanks girl!!