Saturday, January 16, 2010

Potato Soup Recipe

My Aunt was at my house recently and she was raving about a Potato Soup recipe that she had made. Now, I have never had Potato Soup, much less made my own but she was raving about it to the point that I had her give me the recipe so I could try it for myself.

It sort of made me think of a Loaded Baked Potato but in a soup instead. Sound great right? I can not even tell you just how great it was!! I will definitely be making this one more often. Hope you enjoy!!


5 lbs- Potatoes

1 cup- French Onion Dip (in section by the milk at the store- or you can use the kind in the chip isle- either one is fine)

2 cans- Cream of Chicken Soup

1 cup- Milk

Bacon Bits and Cheese for toppings


Peel and boil potatoes as if cooking potato salad or mashed potatoes.

When potatoes are done (cooked to done but not mushy or overcooked) drain *most* of the water off the potatoes leaving about 2 cups of water in the pot.

Add cream of chicken soups, milk, onion dip and salt and/or pepper to your liking.

Let this simmer for about 30 minutes. If it does not seem to be 'soupy' enough for you then add more milk just be careful not to add too much, and remember to stir often.

Once this is done you can serve in bowls and top with bacon bits and cheese.

Let me know below with a comment if you try the recipe or if you have other ideas for additions to it, I love trying new things!


  1. Campell's used to (maybe still does)make a really good Potato soup, that's just like you describe, loaded baked potato as soup. It was really really good. I wish I had the ambition to cook, as I would try your recipe.

  2. Hi new friend, I am now following you via MBC.