Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Couple Of Updates

So my truck is now being repaired. Should have it back by Friday. I did not know about this flaw prior to my own problem with this truck.

Come to find out there is one flaw with the Ford Expedition that noone told me about and that is with something called a GEM Module and it failing due to a water LEAK!!!!! Why Ford has not done a recall on this is beyond me. I have done much research on electrical problems with Ford Expedition and I could name them here but won't.... just go research it if you have an Expedition.... it's interesting.

With that said.. there should be no further problems after this repair is done. At least I hope not.

Tomorrow I will update with some new recipes and hopefully some photos of random things over the last few weeks. I just had to share the whole truck thing though I know it is really irrelevant I just want you to know that whatever you are going through is tough and we understand but the person you are looking at / reading about/ passing in the store probably has an issue they are dealing with that is just as stressful in their own eyes. So keep your chin up and your head high because it WILL get better. It has to right?

: ) Heather


  1. I hope you get the issues with the Ford sorted soon!

  2. I hope you don't have any more problems after the repair - cars are so expensive! Happy SITS Saturday :)

  3. I have not posted it yet but yes I did get the truck fixed and that was the problem with it. So after $800 in repairs it shuold be fine.. hanging on to my ticket just in case there ever IS a recall then maybe I can get a refund... we shall see. : ) and thank you all for visiting!! I can't wait to read all your blogs and follow and see how many great people I get to 'meet'. Happy Saturday!! : ) Heather

  4. Great end point! Stopping by from SITS!