Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

Ok so the last few weeks I have been crazy busy with 5 kids around the fun never stops!! We have been driving all over the state and into bordering states and shuffling kids from here to there and then Christmas Day and all that jazz. Whew I am one tired Mommy that's for sure!

Last year was not the greatest but I know it was still great as there are many others that are in more dire situations than myself. But I do hope that 2010 will be fantastic!!! Below are a few things on my agenda and now that things are semi back to normal maybe I can keep this blog updated as I had originally planned to do.

Back a few months ago I started trying to lose some weight and was unsuccessful thus far. Now with that said I have not lost a pound yet people see me and say oh you look like you have lost weight... how is that possible??? Did the weight maybe shift around or something because I am just not seeing it at all.

Kids are all back home and everything is back to 'normal' with the arguing fussing they do. Coffee is a big one on my agenda for today. I am gonna need it to stay sane and awake.

I also recieved a great product from my Aunt last week. It was a present that was given to her and she said that she could not stick with something like that so she asked if I wanted it. It's the Herbalife diet products. There are lots of pills and some shake mix. I have never heard of it so I am doing my research but I think this just might jumpstart my losing weight afterall. I am sure hoping that is the case. I seriously want to be able to wear the clothes that are just hanging in my closet being neglected.

So that's all for this moment but look for lots of posts to come!! : )

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