Sunday, November 22, 2009

I Have An Idea

Now, before you panic, let me say, this idea is a good one : )!!!

After watching the movie Julie & Julia I was inspired even more. I don't know if it's all about this cooking phase I am going through or what it is but I was so motivated!!

So my idea is: I want to start blogging about all the dishes I discover and try out. Now I know I have posted some new recipes I found on here already but it did not really hit me what I could do with my blog until I watched that movie last week.

My daughter and I were out last night picking up the things I needed for the Alabama/Auburn Cupcake Pops and we decided to go into Books A Million. I looked around for The Pioneer Lady- Ree Drummond's cookbook and ended up reading for an hour before actually making my way to pick up what I needed. The book is amazing I have to say.

So what I am going to do is, print out a ton of recipes that I would like to tackle and try to do one per day. Whether it be something sweet or maybe a meal for the family. I will take pictures of the process or the finished product or maybe both if I can remember that I do have a camera again!!

I just think it would be something great to keep me busy as well as help teach my daughter to cook seeing how they will be out of school quite a bit over the next few weeks for the holidays.

So off I go to start looking and planning. This will be great because I can add all of the new findings to my Recipe folder and maybe have them all made into a book for my daughter when she is older. With pictures included of us cooking together. Now how sweet is that : )!!!

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