Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cake Pop Update #2

Sunday, I did Alabama themed Cup Cake Pops. I did the bottoms in white and the tops in red. They looked a little plain and the white chocolate did not hug the sides like the dark chocolate in the Christmas ones I made before. I am thinking that if I do these again I will use some cute Alabama ribbon to make them 'pop' a little more but they turned out cute in the end.

Here are pics.. I even took pics of the process : )

Above you can see I was getting ready.. I made the balls, molded with the cookie cutter shape on bottom and was ready to dip.

All dipped and sticks are in, back to the freezer for a few minutes....this is what I meant by the white melts not holding like i wished they had... well they held, they just did not give the cupcake bottom effect.

All dipped in red now, cute, but still plain. At least this was good information to know for next time. Just strange to me how different they looked than the ones I did a few posts back, those were REALLY cute and I will be doing more of those tomorrow.

Here are a few more pics after I started getting them all done and wrapped up:

More to come after the holidays. I will post my Muffin recipe in the morning and pics of my muffins. Yes, I am attempting homemade muffins... lord help me... : )

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