Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Time Traveler's Wife

OK So the new movie coming out "The Time Traveler's Wife" has me so excited. It is supposedly a great love story. Seeing how I can not yet watch the movie I purchased the book in my outting this weekend. We were at BooksaMillion looking around and I saw this book and bought it. I paid more for it than what it is listed for on Amazon but that is just because I did not want to wait for it. I wanted it right then. MInd you I have not bought anything for myself in ages, and of course after I am done I can do a book trade or sell it to a new reader. So anyway, I think it would be great if we get a group together and read the book then post the reviews on our blogs or I can post your review here. Either way I just think it would be great to hear what others think.

Again here is the order link for Amazon:

And it will stay on the sidebar of my blog during this process.

So here is how it will go: You can either buy the book as I did from a book store- or you can click the link on the sidebar of my page and order from Amazon. I don't care how you get it but if you decide you want to participate please do add your name to the McLinky below so I can keep up with how many we have. And of course so I can read and comment on your blog udring the meantime. I would say the date of the review should be September 5th. That way everyone has enough time to purchase or order the book and recieve it and then read it. Happy Reading and I look forward to meeting a lot of new people as well as reading some great new blogs!! :)

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