Wednesday, August 12, 2009

T'was the Night Before The First Day Of School

I have been so busy this past few days I have neglected my readers. It is Back To School time for my 3 kiddos and it's has been like a mad house with all the school shopping and getting everything in order again.

I found jeans for my daughter at Old Navy for $10, which was great. Then I went to JC Penney and used a $10 coupon they had sent me in the mail along with a 15% off survey coupon I printed off the net and I ended up saving almost $200 on clothes for my boys. I spent $56 at JC Penney and bought 3 pair of jeans for my oldest son, 4 shirts for him, 5 shirts for my youngest son and 2 pair of shorts plus one pair of cargo pants for him. I think I did great!!!

Thursday is their first day of school and I am still awake watching the live BB11 feeds and can not sleep. I think it's because I will not know what to do without at least one kid here 24/7. I will finally have a few hours a day (even if I do have to work while here) where their will be no "Mommy..." HA!! So this is what it's like when they start to get older. Whatever will I do with myself???

I will post first day of school updates tomorrow evening!! Stay Tuned!!

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