Sunday, August 2, 2009

Elephant Ears Project

So while at my Aunt's house this weekend (I was trying to focus my mind somewhere besides on my oldest son) I noticed that she had some very large elephant ears in a pot on her back porch. Now when I say large I am talking 6 feet tall. I love these plants and had not planted any this year. Well I asked her how she got them so big and she said that they started in a small pot just one stalk with a leaf about 6 inches tall. She had taken it from a bed of them on the other side of her house. She fertilized it and she said it just took off and started sproutng more stalks. She took it from that small pot to a bigger pot and kept doing the same thing until before she knew it she had them 6 feet tall in this large pot on the porch.

Needless to say I ended up with baby elephant ears to bring home. I am going to give this a shot and see if I can get mine that big. I definitley need something to focus on that does not involve noise.

Well I have also just realized when I was trying to take a picture of my new plants to post on here, that my digital camera is broken.... great.

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