Wednesday, September 25, 2013

EASY Chicken and Dumplings!!

That's what was for dinner tonight! And I have to tell you it was SO good. I was sitting here wondering just what I ws going to make for dinner and I am sick of the same old things week after week. So I got a bit creative tonight and this is what I did:

Chicken and Dumpling the EASY way. Wanna know how I did it? Ok Ok I will tell you. See below!

What You Need:

One Cooked Rotisserie Chicken

1 1/2 quarts of chicken broth

1 teaspoon poultry seasoning

1 can cream of chicken soup

4 full size carrots sliced up in 1/4 peices

You can also add early peas if you prefer- tonight I did not.

3 cans of 10 count small biscuits.

Yes! That is ALL!

What To Do:

Bring chicken broth, pulled up chicken, poultry seasoning, carrots and cream of chicken soup to a boil. While it is starting to boil roll out biscuits and cut into strips and drop into boiling water until you have added all 3 cans. It should be boiling pretty good about halfway through adding biscuits, so turn it down just a bit so it doesn't try to boil over. Once all strips are in turn it down to low and stir often. Took me about 30 minutes to cook tonight :) If you have any questions just leave a comment! Thanks!!

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