Wednesday, April 13, 2016

OneDor Hair Extensions Review

So I decided I wanted longer fuller hair and ordered these hair extensions last week. I was skeptical because I dye my own hair so I wasn't sure it would match and then the price was so low I thought there is no way this will look good but I will give it a shot. (Please excuse the selfie pictures)

What I ordered: OneDor® 20" Curly 3/4 Full Head Synthetic Hair Extensions Clip on/in Hairpieces 5 Clips 140g (27/613)
So far I am loving them. So much that after wearing them for a day I ordered a second set AND a straight set. They are a perfect match and so easy to clip in and go. They are synthetic extensions but look and feel like my real hair. They do not look fake at all (unless you see me on a daily basis and know my hair did not grow overnight).  I have worn them like 4 days and I am going to wash and dry and see what happens and if they hold up. Will post a new blog post to let you all know!
The straight set I ordered has not come in yet but as soon as they do I will do another review.